What Makes Infused Water Great?

infused water for health

source: Staying Healthy.org

There is great interest from our readers on the blog and customers in general regarding the health benefits of infused water.

The major health benefit of drinking infused waters is getting your body better hydrated and the benefits that this provides to body health. You also do gain nutritional benefits . from fruits and veggies and other ingredients added to your infused water combinations.

Water is so amazing because if you are providing your body with adequate quantities of pure water you will receive so many health benefits.
Hydration is vital to body health, body performance, and brain health.
Drinking adequate water on a daily basis every day helps to:

Regulate body temperature
Transport nutrients and oxygen
Lubricate joints
Safeguard organs and keep them {working optimally
Keep skin looking young, soft and beautiful
Counter the dehydration effects from coffee, alcohol, workouts, and medication
Stimulate muscles.
Support regular movement of bowels
Gives the body a full satiated feeling which can help weight loss
Assist good brain function

Infusing water with fruits, vegetables and select herbs has two great effects on us. One, it makes drinking water so much more flavorful and exciting, and therefore you will drink more. And two you will be getting vitamins, and nutrients from the ingredients you add to your water. Check out our recipe book for information on the health benefits of different ingredients you can add to your water.

We’ll be posting more about this topic coming up in future posts.
So, keep drinking water everyday, and know that you are providing your body with the key ingredient to awesome health!


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