The Danger of Fruit Drinks and Sodas

Soda gets a great deal of criticism from doctors, nutritionists, and health conscious individuals interested in food health and safety.

Soda contains large amounts of sugar, calories and almost no nutritional value. Most sodas also are chemical rich and are considered by most to be a very unhealthy junk food, and by some to be just downright toxic.

The big beverage companies are aware of this changing public sentiment towards sodas, and they themselves are starting to take advantage of this public perception. In particular they are producing fruit drinks as an alternative to soda that are supposed to be healthy.

Often on the shelves alongside sodas, fruit beverages attack the health conscious individual that still wants something sweet. Ditch the coke and grab a Snapple is the common pitch.

Unfortunately, the companies doing this are misleading consumers
as fruit drinks for the most part are super high in sugars and no healthier than sodas. In fact, they may often be even less healthy, with more sugar, and more calories and minimal amounts of real fruit juice.

Ionox are great proponents of the health benefits of infused water, and drinking more clean pure water in general, and we really hope that helping consumers look deeper and more objectively into the beverages that are available to us, and helping create healthy alternatives with our products, will inspire peoples health and weight loss objectives, and overall good health.

Here’s to Your Health, Cheers!

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Soda�s Evil Twin � The Dangers of Fruit Drinks

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