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Infuser Water Recipes Formula

Use this infused water recipe formula 4 oz fresh fruit + 22 oz water = flavor, nutrients, and daily hydration.  With a water infuser you never get bored to your hydration recipe by adding in vegetables and herbs.  It is simple and easy, and takes only a few minutes a day to use in a healthy lifestyle.  Doctors and nutritionists tell us to drink at least 78 oz of water a day, or more if your are using it with exercise.  With our 25 oz infuser water bottle fill it 2-3 times during the day.  After 12 hours we suggest you refresh with new fruit in the bottle.

Simply slice your ingredients, put them in the infusion basket, and shake. With any infused water bottle can put your fruit in the infusion basket, shake it and within minutes you have flavored water. The longer you leave it, the more flavor. Because our Infused water bottle has filtration screen, you can put even more fruit in the bottle on the outside of the infusion basket to get extreme saturated water flavor and a beautiful fruit display.