10 Great Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water And 5 Recipes


So what’s special about cucumber water? If you are like me and a lot of people, even though you know its good for you, you still find drinking a large amount of water each day a real chore. But there really is no reason that drinking water has to be so plain and boring. One great example of making water more tasty and more healthy is simply adding some cucumber in. It’s called infusing, and you’ve probably seen it at a restaurant or in a spa.

There are many benefits of fruit infused water, and cucumber water in particular. Cucumber water is special because besides making it easier to get hydrated, it is great for overall body health in many ways. Listed below are our top ten benefits to drinking cucumber water.


1. Cucumber Water helps with hydration

Drinking water is something that we should all do every day to stay healthy and hydrated, and cucumber adds a little zest that makes water fun and tasty to drink. Doctors recommend we drink up to 96 oz. of water a day to improve overall body function and performance. Cucumber water and good hydration is also know to help with maintaining the body’s right body temperature. Cucumber water can help with cleansing toxins out of the body and even producing a more rested feeling.


2. Cucumber water adds extra Vitamins and Minerals

Cucumber water provides a great source of vitamins, and the vitamins and minerals that are added from cucumber water can help supplement your diet.

Combine it with other fruits as well and its an easy way to add extra vitamin A, many of the B vitamins, vitamin C and more to your water. The water infusion makes the process of absorbing the vitamins even easier because the vitamins leech into the water making the nutrients easier to absorb. The amount of these nutrients you get from cucumber water depends on how much cucumber you use in the water and whether you eat the cucumber slice after drinking the water. The more cucumber you use, the more nutrients you receive. Get the most nutrients out of cucumber water by placing an entire sliced cucumber in your infusions.

3. Weight-Loss: Cucumber Water is Low Calorie and Suppresses Appetite

Research has shown that water helps curb ones appetite. And, sometimes when you feel hungry your body is actually thirsty. The problem with eating when you’re not hungry is it can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and can throw off your eating routine. Cucumber water contains very few calories. An average sized cucumber only has 45 calories including the skin and 34 calories without skin. Since water contains no calories, cucumber water often has fewer then 5 calories, depending on the size of the cucumber slice. Even if you placed the entire cucumber in your glass or infusion bottle, the beverage would still contain fewer than 50 calories. Cucumber adds that nice extra flavor and taste inspires more drinking and can really help you between meals. It’s also studied that an increase in your intake of cucumber water might also help you lose weight reducing water retention throughout your body. So, drinking cucumber water can help definitely help cut unnecessary calories out of one’s diet.

4. Cucumber Water can Help Bring Blood Pressure Down

High blood pressure is a widespread problem. Keeping your blood pressure at normal levels and in balance can help prevent diseases such as stroke and heart disease. The potassium in cucumber water helps reduce blood pressure. And, another great quality is that drinking cucumber water is extremely low sodium compared to other beverages, so by drinking more cucumber water and cutting down on high sodium beverages you are reducing sodium intake which is most often prescribed as part of a dietary program to reduce blood pressure.


5. Beautiful Skin

Keeping hydrated can do wonders for one’s skin, and help your skin to stay smooth and supple. Adding the cucumber to the water adds extra nutrients such as silica, which is know to help keep skin healthy. Some even use the cucumbers after finishing drinking infused cucumber water. You can take the cucumber, place it on your face and blemishes and help the skin hydrate and absorb its natural nutrients. It’s also said to help calm skin irritations.

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6. Cucumber Water helps Muscles

Cucumber water is great for those who work out, weight train at the gym, or perform strenuous exercise. The silica in the cucumbers is also known to help in the repair of muscle tissues, and the nutrients from the cucumber can also impact the muscles in a positive way.


7. Cucumber has Antioxidant and Detoxing Properties

With such positive hydrating effects, cucumber water can be an excellent way to help your body flush out built up toxins. Many people believe that detoxing should only be done once and twice a year, but regularly drinking cucumber water is said to be one of the great ways to daily detox and prevent toxin buildup.


8. Anti-Cancer Benefits

Using cucumbers as part of your diet is a proactive way to help avoid cancer. Although, cucumber will not help fight cancer alone, there are nutrients such as cucurbitacins that are found in cucumbers, which are known to help the body promote long-term body health in adults

9. Cucumbers can help with Stress

Cucumbers contain many vitamins, including Vitamin B, B1, B5, and B7. These vitamins are known to help fight anxiety and stress

10. Cucumbers can Help Freshen Breath

It’s practiced that placing a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth can help you get rid of odor causing bacteria. And also eating cucumbers and drinking cucumber water can reduce the heat in ones stomach, which studies have shown is the cause of bad breath. We are finding good result that drinking cucumber water helps fight bad breath as well.

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There are so many interesting infused water recipes that include cucumber and are very tasty. Below are some of our favorite cucumber inspired infusion recipes that we make in our infuser bottles. You can always be creative to your hearts content and add fruits such as lemons, strawberries, blueberries, or herbs or florals, together with your cucumber to create some beautiful artisan and delicious combinations. Below are five favorite cucumber infused water recipes.

1. Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

This combo is often used as a daily detox recipe. Cucumber and mint together is so refreshing. The lemons are very high in Vitamin C and mixing that with the cucumber is a great way to boost ones immune system. Mint is a great source of calcium and magnesium. Mint is also High in antioxidants, relieves seasonal allergies. Menthol is a natural decongestant. Mint has also been used for 1000s of years to aid upset stomach and indigestion.

2. Cucumber-Herb Infused Water

This recipe adds three different herbs to create a refreshing flavor. Add rosemary, mint and thyme along with cucumber to your water.Rosemary is a great source of iron and calcium and has all the Vitamin C one would need for the day. Mint is a good source of calcium and magnesium.

Thyme’s unique oil called thymol has antibacterial properties, and is being used to treat acnes and other skin conditions, colon cancer, breast cancer, and is even being studied as an effective mosquito repellent.

3. Springtime Strawberry Cucumber Water

This recipe includes lemon, cucumber, and strawberries and assorted herbs can also be added. I recommend to use either mint or basil which complement the tastes well. Strawberries provide a good source of Vitamin C, and high in B vitamins, are rich in antioxidants Strawberries also contain potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K which are good for bone health.

4. Refreshing Fruit Water Medley

Mixed fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals with a punch of vitamin C. Slice mixed fruits of choice into small pieces and include several slices of cucumber. Using blueberries gives a boost of antioxidants.

5. Cucumber and Basil Water

Mixing cucumber and basil is a tasty flavor and provides many antioxidants. Not only does basil add flavor, it adds Vitamin A, iron, and vitamin C and is a rich source of potassium and pectin fiber. The Vitamin A turns into beta-carotene that helps the body feel better overall and is a known anti-cancer agent. This combination is a great digestive aid and detoxifier.

Infused water has so many benefits. And adding cucumber together with a variety of fruits and herbs is a wonderful way to promote good body health.

Here’s to Your Health!

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